Honeycomb Onyx & Honeycomb Calcite Available for Sale

Honeycomb onyx is a translucent onyx mined at high elevation exclusively in the Uinta Mountains of Utah. Similar to marble and travertine in strength and other traits, honeycomb onyx replaces these traditional architectural stones as a more versatile and beautiful stone for counter tops, wall tiles and other architectural applications in homes and commercial buildings. It can be carved and cut readily into many shapes, sizes and thicknesses.

Shamrock Mines, doing business as Honeycomb Onyx, supplies our honeycomb calcite translucent onyx to both private and trade customers. We produce each surface to individuals’ requirements. Our translucent amber onyx is widely used for countertops, backsplashes, reception desks, bar tops, book shelves, bookends, translucent onyx walls, and more. Our company has the experience and expertise to complete the project on time and we guarantee the quality of our work.

Architects, designers, and commercial builders can rely on Honeycomb Onyx as a trade partner in their architecture stone development projects. When it comes to commercial building construction, amber onyx, honeycomb calcite, or golden onyx is a very popular element and our stone combines durability and luxury. Finding a good source for amber onyx and honeycomb calcite for commercial use can be a challenging task. We make finding the right golden onyx stones easy and affordable for your projects. The Honeycomb Onyx quarry is one of the largest privately owned honeycomb calcite mines in the world. We are friendly professionals you will love working with and we will ensure that your clients will be amazed by the bright colors and patterns of our honeycomb calcite stones.

Honeycomb Onyx is also known as honey onyx, amber onyx, honeycomb calcite, translucent stones, orange onyx, onyx stone, honey calcite, onyx, translucent onyx, golden onyx.


Honeycomb Onyx Decor

Honeycomb onyx is a translucent stone which can add beauty and drama to your interior spaces. Honeycomb onyx can has many uses, including sculpture, lighting, bar tops, counter tops, fountains, wine racks, book ends, and much more.

Honeycomb Onyx Decor  

Architectural Use of Honeycomb Onyx

Honeycomb Onyx supplies our honeycomb calcite translucent onyx to both private and trade customers. We provide honeycomb calcite and amber onyx stones and slabs for onyx backsplashes, counter tops, bar tops, translucent onyx walls, book shelves, bookends, onyx sculptures, and much more.

Architectural Use

Honeycomb Onyx Jewelry

Honeycomb onyx can be used to create distinctive and beautiful jewelry pieces.

Honeycomb Onyx Jewelry